Hoodia is a natural plant extract which softly and safely allows to control extra weight. Also it diminishes feeling of hunger.
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Product Description

What Is Hoodia Gordonii?

Hoodia Gordonii is a plant that is similar to a cactus, it is most found in the desert areas of South Africa and Namibia. It is also searched in the deserts of Botswana and Angola. Hoodia today is famous and considered for its characteristic of weight loss and is remarkably wanted in developed countries. Hoodia is used as a component in diet pills that leads to the purpose of weight loss. It is a unique plant with such rich characteristic. It is observed that Hoodia has been used for long time ago by the SAN Bushmen of Kalahari Desert to eradicate hunger and thirst during the long trip of hunting. People used to cut the stem and eat the bitter tasting plant. Hoodia grows in clusters of green upright stem. It is basically a succulent plant and resembles a lot to the cactus. Hoodia takes duration of 5 years to be completely ripened and used, till its pale purple colored flowers appear. Although there are many types of this plant, but it is said that the active ingredient is only found in Hoodia, the active ingredient is identified as steroidal glycoside so called "p57". It is thus said that "p57" is only found in Hoodia Gordonii.


Hoodia Gordonii history is very interesting. The plant was taken under consideration in 1937 when the Dutch anthropologists studying San Bushmen noticed that they took Hoodia to kill their appetite and thirst. It was later practiced in national laboratory of South Africa, as a result of which they claimed that the lab animals lost weight after giving them Hoodia. Later on Leslie Stahl, correspondent of 60 minutes along with her crew visited Africa dessert, where they hired a bushman to find Hoodia, she ate the plant and stated that it was some what like a cucumber and didn’t tasted bad. A big point to be noticed that she didn’t faced any type of negative reaction like heart palpitations or indigestions, as a result she only lost her appetite for the whole day. Hoodia as a product is sold in form of powder, capsule, liquid or tea in health stores and on Internet. It is also found in a famous diet sill Trim spa. Hoodia Gordonii is a juicy plant. It has helped a lot of people to figure out their problems related to weight. It is a fact that over weight bodies does face a lot of diseases and it does make one feel embarrassed in front of other people who do no have such problem.

Hoodia as an Appetite Suppression

Hoodia supplements have gained its popularity in certain countries due to its slimming effect. While there are many slimming products available in the market today, it is said that Hoodia Gordonii takes a whole different approach to help you slim down. Testimonials say that such approach is safe and won’t put you in jeopardy, but health experts don’t buy it. Until today, there are still no legal and medical acknowledgement of the advantages of Hoodia Gordonii in the field of slimming and dieting. Nonetheless, testimonials continue to multiply ad spread saying this product can do what it is said to do.

Natural means of slimming down

Hoodia Gordonii extract is just one of the several form of this plant that is said to be efficient in helping people slim down. Many say that it’s a safer means compared to other supplements, slimming teas and simply other similar products in the market. Of course, herbal or plant-based products are natural means and most of them are preferred to because they have less to none chemicals included. Furthermore, supporters of Hoodia also say that this product is better in the sense that it doesn’t have much side effects. Most diet supplements leave dizziness, sleeplessness and sometimes, rapid heartbeat in your pocket. There are also some supplements that include caffeine which can be risky to your health. So if you wish to avoid these then you can consider other similar products.

Increased metabolism

We all know that a great metabolic rate is the key to the easier path of losing excess weight. Included in the scattered testimonials on Hoodia is the idea that it also speeds up and help boost your metabolism. Once this happened, you can easily burn the facts and cholesterol in your body. You can even consume food that contain a little too much fats or perhaps consume more than you used to without gaining weight. All these are due to the metabolic rate. While there are some people who are gifted to have a likable metabolism right from birth, those on the opposite side have generated means and ways to speed up theirs without causing health problems. Many have already said that Hoodia Gordonii is one of those means and ways.

Curbs hunger

In case you’re not familiar, the curbing of hunger is the process where certain pills and supplements tweak your appetite. Instead of feeling hungry like you used to, or instead of being tempted on sweets or anything you like, these supplements save you from it. As a result, you won’t feel hungry more often and you won’t eat up more often as well. Hoodia is also said to have this advantage, making it a lot better compared to other diet pills. This is still, according to the testimonials and comments of those who claim to be using the supplement. Worry not because curbing your hunger won’t get you hungry all day. You would still eat 3 times a day but only less than you often consume. Both supplements and Hoodia Gordonii extracts work perfectly the sae thus, whichever you choose, these people said you will receive pretty much similar effects.

Efficiency of Hoodia Gordonii in Weight Loss

If you’re into slimming products then you might have heard of Hoodia Gordonii already. This is basically a type of succulent plant that widely grows in various areas in Africa. It has been found that Hoodia Gordonii contains certain molecules and herbal chemicals that are said to help in slimming down and losing weight. Many people around the globe have already used this product - some in extract forms and others in pills. While it is not available in some areas since it is not yet recognized by the FDA as a safe product, many testimonials have urged thousands of people to consider trying it because according to such users, it is effective. So, how does Hoodia become effective? Well, it works in 3 different ways and all these are of great help in losing excess fats. One of the most praised efficiency of this plant is that it can curb your hunger, making you eat less. Scientists say that a molecule called P57 is found in Hoodia Gordonii. This molecule is responsible for somewhat fooling your brain making you think and feel that you’re not hungry anymore. Because of this, you also don’t eat as much as you should. P57 or the idea of curbing the hunger is also a great way to result temptation of food, especially if you’re eyes sometimes gets hungrier than your stomach. Another claimed advantage of Hoodia Gordonii is its ability to speed up your metabolism. This is widely known and often linked to being slim and sleek. With a fast metabolic rate, your body burns stored fats easily, which means there’s less efforts on your part. You can lessen your gym schedule and sometimes, regular running and a couple of simple routines are enough, as long as your metabolic rate is faster than the usual. Last on the list of main advantages and uses of Hoodia is its ability to spare you from common diet pill supplement side-effects. Dizziness is one of these side-effects and if your pill contains caffeine, you might also experience difficulties in sleeping. Because Hoodia Gordonii has no caffeine and is all-natural, you have nothing to worry about regarding side effects. This is what many people claimed.


Nonetheless, the efficiency and effectiveness of the product majorly rely on its genuineness. There are many fake products these days and they’re more widespread in diet pills thus, you have to be extra careful. It’s mandatory to do a thorough research before purchasing one. Check the brands that sell Hoodia and take a closer look to their and their product’s credibility. You should also ensure that you buy from reputable sources only. There are thousands of online shops out there but not all Hoodia sold in those shops are genuine. You should also keep in mind that lifestyle plays an important role to immediately see the effects of such slimming product. If you fight how this product works then it would be useless for you.
Slimming pills are no magic and without your cooperation and determination to slim down, it would be very difficult.