Home remedies for Zits

Make a mixture of lemon juice and rose water, both in equal quantity. Apply this mixture with a cotton ball and leave this for half an hour and then wash. This is effective homemade remedy for zits.

To solve the zits, three to four drops of lemon juice is mixed with one tablespoon of sour cream and equal amount of yogurt along with grind oatmeal. Apply this mixture on face; and then wash the face after some time; this is natural remedy for zits.

A good home remedy for zits is the egg yolk mask; it is an old herbal treatment that would remove the additional oil from your body. Use cotton ball to apply York egg to oily spot and then wash face with cold water after ten to fifteen minutes.

Make a mixture of one tablespoon groundnut oil and fresh lime juice; apply this mixture on present zits to prevent zits. This mixture is good remedy for zits.

Create a fine paste from small quantity of almonds and honey. This herbal homemade remedy for zits is fine paste to be applied on your face with hot washcloth and then wash it with cold water.

Natural homemade remedy for zits consists of a mixture made from half cup mashed apple, equal quantity of cooked oatmeal, one egg white and tablespoon lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your face for 15 minutes to 20 minutes and wash with cold water.

Another important herbal homemade remedy for zits can be created by applying fine paste of turmeric powder by mixing it with neem leaves.

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