Yeast Infection


Yeast infections are mainly caused by an overgrowth of yeast that are often present in low numbers in the vagina and Yeast infections are very ordinary in women of childbearing age but can occur at any era. Yeast infections are caused by a fungus, usually candida albicans, that grows quickly, taking over the normal bacteria found within the vagina.

Yeast Infection Symptoms

Itching and burning in the vagina

This is one of the most common indication. It may start as a extremely mild irritant, but multiply slowly.

Swelling, itching, and burning around the skin adjacent the vagina.

The skin around the vagina, also known the vulva has some swelling and may be itching and become very caring and sensitive to even the lightest of contact.

Vaginal discharge

Patient will experience vaginal discharge. This is typically white and thick and is neutral.

Pain during sexual interaction

Another frustrating symptom is the pain and distress felt during sexual intercourse.

Burning feeling during urination

The burning feeling on the skin in and around the vagina persevere a while even after urination.

Yeast Infection Causes

Reduced body resistance levels

If your body has a low resistance levels, it is very easy to give way to such conditions where the organisms grow earlier causing the infection.


Use of antibiotics of various types can also cause yeast infection.


Sometimes physical and mental stress make the yeast level to go up significantly

Birth Control Medicine

Some reactions due to birth manage pills cause yeast infection

Menstrual Periods

In some cases, infection is caused during menstrual phases.


Diabetic circumstances may cause the infection in firm cases

Home remedies for Yeast Infection

Home remedy with Yogurt: Home Remedy for Yeast Infection

Take a tampon and immerse it in yogurt. Put it in the vagina, twice in a day. Continue this remedy for each day till your symptoms leave away.

Tea Tree Oil: Home Remedy for Yeast Infection

A few drops of tea tree oil discharge on a tampon and place in in the vagina can give some relief.

Garlic: Home Remedy for Yeast Infection

For non-vaginal yeast infections, you can apply garlic paste straightly on the affected parts. This remedy is for other affected parts of the body which are effected by yeasts and not for the vaginal yeast infection.

Diet for Yeast Infection

No Specific diet

There is no precise diet that we are conscious of for this condition. Of course, eat healthy, lots of fruits and vegetables, as forever

Suggestions for Yeast infection

Free fitting undergarments

To avoid yeast infection avoids wearing tight underwear or other tight acrylic garments daily. Wear loose fitting cotton underwear and panties and avoid wearing jeans, legging, and panty hose every day.

Outside stimulants

If you suspect infection, stay away from deodorant hygienic pads and tampons. Avoid sprays and other such outside agents as that could cause frustration.

Wet clothes

Do not stay in wet clothes for a very long time. Change into dry ones as soon as probable and dry your affected body parts before varying into a new set of dry clothes.

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