Worm Infestation

Home Remedies for Worm Infestation

Homemade remedy for worm infestation can be made by using one tablespoon of coconut in morning at the breakfast. Wait for 3 hours and then take 30 to 60 ml of castor oil mixture with 375 ml of milk. Keep on using the same for few days.

Herbal remedy for worm infestation can be helpful if 3 cloves of garlic are chewed every morning. Garlic would relieve the person from intestinal worms.

Having one cup of fresh grated carrot early in the morning with empty stomach would be an effective home remedy for worm infestation.

Homemade natural remedy for worm infestation can be treated effectively by consuming a mixture, detail of which are as under. Mix fresh juice from an unripe papaya with three to four tablespoons of hot water. Keep this mixture for 2 hours and then add 60 ml of castor oil and 375 ml of milk. Repeat this procedure for two more days.

Papaya seeds have proved to be good for treating intestinal worms. Powder the seeds and mix it with one tablespoon of milk or water. it would be the first thing as home remedy for worm infestation in the morning.

Papaya leaves are also beneficial in curing intestinal worms. Pour 250 ml of boiling water in a pan containing 15 gm of dry papaya leaves. Take this decoction with honey.

Another effective and all time proven Home remedy for worm infestation can be made by cutting bark of the pomegranate tree. Then make a cold decoction of it and use thrice a day with an amount 180 ml each time.

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