Home remedies for whiteheads

Apply colloidal silver on back and take single dose in case of having whiteheads in back. It is good home remedy for whiteheads.

Consuming garlic capsules is herbal remedy for whiteheads; this can increase the immune system and suppress bacterial growth.

Amounts of toxins in blood produced by liver can be reduced by using Burdock root and dandel ion. They kill bacteria from skin therefore it is good home remedy for whiteheads.

Kali bromatum, Sulphur, Antimoniumtartaricum, Herpasulphuris are homeopathic drugs which are very useful against these skin problems. They are effective homemade natural remedy for whiteheads.

Best herbal remedy for whiteheads is to apply Lavender on the affected area.

Tea tree oil if applied over affected area can prevent whiteheads, which acts as natural antibiotic. It would prevent the growth of multiple bacterial organisms. Tea tree oil is herbal remedy for whiteheads.

High fiber food would help to clean the colon and prevent, it is better home remedy for whiteheads.

Shellfish, soybeans, sunflower seeds, and nuts, and other natural products which are rich in zinc and good remedy for whiteheads.

Apply grated potatoes on the affected skin to avoid all kind of general skin problems. This is effective home remedies for whiteheads.

An effective herbal remedy for whiteheads can be created by mixing roasted and powdered pomegranate skin with fresh juice.

Mixture of groundnut oil with equal amount of fresh lime juice if applied on face and then washing face with warm water would be good home remedies for whiteheads.

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