Vaginal Odor

Home remedies for Vaginal Odor

Natural remedy for vaginal odor would include the use of garlic, which is easily available in every house. Garlic is having anti-fungal property that can easily check yeast infection. It would be very effective in treatment of vaginal odor. Practically, you have to make paste from fresh garlic and apply it to the vaginal area. Another way is to wrap this garlic paste in cheesecloth, tie it properly and then place the same for a while inside your vagina.

Tea Tree Oil as a Natural Cure for Vaginal Odor: Researchers have proved that the anti fungal property of tea tree oil can help in removing the vaginal odor. The natural homemade remedy for vaginal odor includes two to three drops of tea tree oil in a cup and then applies the same into vaginal surface.

Natural remedy for vaginal odor includes the usage of bacteria presence of yogurt that can control yeast spread. For that purpose, apply a small amount of yogurt on virginal portion.

It is normal in all the parts of body that, there are more chances for spread of yeast infection in moist areas. Home remedy for vaginal odor would suggest the use of clean and dry cotton undergarments. This habit would increase the amount of air circulation in the region and prevent from yeast spread.

Yeasts can grow in moist places and there growth would increase in sugar food source. Home remedy for vaginal odor would include the use of eight to ten glasses of water every day to decrease sugar in your body and yeast in you vagina.

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