Home remedies for Thrush

Normally in every home remedy for thrushwould suggest cleaning of the infected area with clean water, from the onset. The infected area can be worsen if chemical products like soap, shower gels and other such items are applied on the surface.

Try to avoid unnecessary use of lubricants and spermicidal creams. As part of home remedy for thrush,these products would harm the skin. Latex condoms can aggravate the problem further because latex or rubber can cause irritation to skin.

Wearing clothes and undergarment of natural fiber would minimize the effect of irritation; this is very useful home use remedy for thrush.  Under these circumstances, always try to avoid using synthetic or manmade synthetic fibers or materials.Touch or using these items would cause irritation to the effective part of the skin.

Avoid Stress, as it can accelerate thrush therefore it is better to try to relax as much it is possible. Natural remedies for thrushgenerally teach us to avoid unnecessary stress situation and learn to keep our self cool and calm for longer stressful conditions.There are general articles available in magazine that would teach your stress management.

One of the best generalremedy for thrushis to be sure before sex that your partner is not suffering from this disease. Precaution is better than prevention.

Melaleuca Oil is an effective herbal remedy for thrush. This Melaleuca Oil is easily available from herbal medical stores, and it is useful without any side effects.

Use of oral contraceptives and broad spectrum antibiotics is not advice able in home remedy for thrush.

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