Throat Irritation

Home remedies for throat irritation

One of the best natural remedy for sore throat is chamomile tree.  Take it and rapid relief is provided to you.  This can be used in two ways. Either tincture or in the form of capsules.

Intake of garlic is a kitchen remedy for this problem. It makes you feel warm and gives a nice feeling in the throat.
Garlic when taking with water becomes one of the best kitchen remedies. It can reduce the pain in the throat and can kill all the bacteria’s.  Avoid smoking and follow this twice a day.

You food habits play an important role in infections and having cold and hot together can cause such infections, A simplest home remedy is to avoid such food habits. Same applies to the spicy food.

The best home remedy for this problem is intake of hot soup.  It soothes the throat and relieves from pain. Try different soup daily like using different vegetables to make it.

Basil leaves are very good for the throat infection and boiling the leaves and drinking it regularly would give you a permanent cure. One of the best kitchen remedy for this problem.

Add turmeric to warm milk and drink it during night before sleeping. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric would soothe your throat.

Add few drops of lemon to warm water and add a spoon of honey in it. Drink it when warm and this home remedy would guarantee you satisfying results as far as your throat irritation is concerned.

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