A good protection and home remedy for upset stomach is to chew one gram of ginger with powder of rock salt before meals.

For flatulence and gas, garlic can be an excellent natural remedy for upset stomach.

The B vitamins are also helpful in cases of upset stomach. B 1 or thiamine is especially useful for the digesting complex starches. Don’t neglect other B vitamins if you take one kind.

Never eat and drink liquids together to avoid upset stomach. Water or other liquids can be consumed half an hour before and one hour after meals.  Some cultures advise against consuming cold liquids after eating hot foods or vice versa.

Never eat too fast. Eat slowly and chew your food as well as possible.

Never overfill your stomach. Leave the table with a feeling that you could eat more.

Never sit down to a meal feeling worried; tired, excited, or in a bad mood.  These stressful feelings trigger the stress response which causes excess stomach acid to be produced.

Do not eat a meal if you are not really hungry. You can miss a meal or two, if needful, until your appetite returns.
Try to avoid boiled vegetables, and always steam them.

Do not mix too many kinds of foods at the same meal
Avoid tea, coffee, refined sugar, white flour, all products made from them, refined foods, meat, condiments, pickles fried foods, smoking and alcohol.

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