Heel Spurs

Home Remedies on Heel Spurs

Resting the foot is the first thing to do when relying on the home remedies on heel spurs. Resting the foot means avoiding engaging in the activities that can make the symptoms to worsen. Exercising and standing for a long time should be avoided. If it is possible, it is better to remain off the feet totally for a number of days. This helps in making subsidizing the inflammation.

Cabbage and cider vinegar are great home remedies on heels spurs. Cider vinegar should be applied on a piece of paper that has been cut to resemble the shape of a heel. It is then placed on the affected heel for 5 days. Fresh cabbages are great if they are used to warp the foot with the affected heel everyday.

Massage is among the recommended home remedies on heels spurs. The massage is more effective when it is done using coconut oil as this helps in soothing and relieving the heel.

Chlorinated water helps in reducing the inflammation that is on the heel. This is achieved by soaking the feet in the water. This is  one of the cheapest  home remedies on heels spurs  as water that is flowing from the tap can be used as it has chlorine. Using borax solution to soak the feet also helps in getting rid of the inflammation within a few days.

Icing the foot is a practice that is among the popular home remedies on heels spurs. A bottle of frozen water or ice pack is placed under the foot for 10 minutes to reduce pain and inflammation.

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