Sore Tongue

Home remedies for Sore Tongue

Sore tongue can result due to ulcers in the mouth. Drink lots of water and it would avoid ulcers in the mouth. A simplest kitchen remedy towards the problem of sore tongue.

Make it a point that you are taking proper minerals and vitamins which are necessary for the body. Lack of vitamins and minerals can also cause sore tongue.

Oral hygiene is the best home remedy for the problem. Maintain a proper oral hygiene or else tongue can suffer from glossits. This may due to lack of oral hygiene and in the end cause sore tongue.

An outstanding kitchen remedy for this problem is gargling with salt water. Heat the water mild and add 2 tea spoons of salt in it. Gargle 3 times with this water and you would get a relaxing feeling on your tongue. Continue the process to heal the sores.

Other remedy for healing sore tongue is avoiding spicy and oily food. It enhances the sores and gives you more pain. It’s advisable to eat less spicy food in order to get healed soon.

A sore resistant cream can also be applied on the affected art. Women’s get sore tongues many a times during their menstrual cycle and applying this cream would help them get relived from the pain related to it. A good home remedy for the problem.

Hydrogen peroxide is very effective to cure sore tongue and mixing it with one half of water and applying on sores with a cotton swab would help healing the problem.

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