Skin Irritation

Skin Irritation

Skin irritation can be caused due to sweat induced dermatitis which makes the skin dry and itchy. A hot shower bath followed by an oil massage and then going off to sleep is one of the best natural remedies to get relieved from itchy skin.

Always make it a point to properly moisturize the skin before going off to bed. Take a good quality lotion in your palm and rub it properly all over the body till the skin is soft and supple. It maintains the moisturizer level inside the skin.

Drinking more water is best kitchen remedy for skin irritation. It is usually caused due to drying of the skin and this dullness occurs due to less intake of water. Drink more water and it would keep your skin pores healthy.

For drying due to fungus or year vinegar diluted in the water is a good remedy.  Cheaper white vinegar is good for this treatment. Any kind of acid would disturb the growth of this fungus or yeast and vinegar is a kind of mild acid.

Aloe leaf is a natural remedy towards itching of skin and skin irritation. Cut the aloe leaf in two parts and you will notice it contains white gel in between. Apply this gel on the affected area and the part would be healthy again. It is the best natural remedy for skin irritation.

Mixture of ½ aspirin with ¼ alcohol content is good for skin irritation but make sure that your skin does not have any cuts or burns.

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