Nail fungus can be treated using tea tree oil. With the help of cotton balls or Qtips rub the oil over the nails once in the morning after a bath or shower and again at bedtime.

Tea tree oil can also be used by mixing it with an equal amount of lavender oil. The solution is very effective inĀ removing discoloration from nails.

You can soak your feet in a tub filled with water. Put in equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and water. Dip the feet for around fifteen minutes in the solution and then soak the feet completely.

A paste made up of turmeric powder and water is a good remedy for the nail discoloration of nail fungus. Apply the paste using cotton directly over the nail discoloration.

Yet another way to tackle the nail discoloration problem is to soak the feet in rubbing alcohol for twenty minutes.

One of the most effective of all natural remedies for nail fungus is to treat fungal infection with an application of onion peelings. Cut the onion into pieces and separate out the peels. Now rub the peels over the nail discoloration.

A teaspoon of olive oil with some trace amounts of oregano oil can also be used for fungal treatment. Generally this is a home remedy for nail fungus that provides some relief. This method does not cure the infection completely. Medication might still be required from a competent physician.

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