Vioxx is a drug that was used in 1990s as pain killers. This drug was responsible for causing heart attacks among the patients. When it was discovered in 2005 as the cause behind the many deaths, it was banned. This is why it is advisable for people to use these natural remedies for inflammation as opposed to prescriptive drugs.  The following are the natural remedies for inflammation;

Eat food that is rich in Vitamin E and C.  Research has shown that people who eat these types of food and are suffering from arthritis, feel less pain than those people who do not eat them.

Avoid eating grains, all products from the diary and vegetable oils. These types of food expose your body to inflammation.

It is recommended that you eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. These are very essential in protecting the skin against such disease. They make the skin to be resistant.

The use of spices in your meal is another form of natural remedies for inflammation. It is recommended to use spices such as ginger and rosemary which are anti- inflammatory. Use them in plenty in your food. They are also offered in capsules.

Natural remedies for inflammation are more effective than drug prescription. This is because are cheaper, more effective, safe and less side effect if any. Inflammation combines a variety of diseases such as arthritis, diabetes stroke among others. These diseases affect millions of people around the globe.  Taking of anti- inflammatory drugs can be very harmful to your health.

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