Shiny Hair

Home remedies for Shiny Hair

Take a small amount of coconut oil and put it on your scalp. Massage it gently with the help of your finger tips. Leave it for sometime before you go for washing. Also to make it more effective warm the coconut oil and then apply it.

A good home remedy to gain Shiny hair is massage olive oil in the scalp. Follow this regularly ans your hair would start becoming soft and shiny.

Massaging with oils would increase the blood circulation and would help the growth of new hair. Follow this on regular basis, this natural remedy would boost up the growth and make the existing hair soft and shiny.

Vinegar is a good kitchen remedy as it acts like a conditioner for dry hair.  After you wash the hair with shampoo apply water mixed with vinegar and apply it on your hair.

Beer is a natural hair condition. Wash the hair with beer and it would guarantee make your hair look.

A good kitchen remedy to obtain shiny hair is application of eggs. Apply the egg yolk and leave it for some time and then wash off with plain water.

Apply curd on your hair leave it for half an hour and then wash it off with a shampoo. This hime remedy would make your hair dandruff free and give it a shinier look.

Lemon juice keeps the hair clean. Apply it on the hair leave for 10 minutes and then wash off.

Before you wash t he hair apply honey and then was. This natural remedy would enhance the hair shine.

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