Viral Fever

Home Remedies for Viral Fever

Viral fever can be dangerous if not taken care of.  Home remedy for viral fever would be to increase the intake of milk in your daily routine. If you are suffering from Diarrhea, you should not consume fruits extracts, salads and raw food.

Herbal homemade remedy for viral fever would include eating of raw garlic and onions as part soup in the form of soup.

Make a mixture of 3 tablespoon of honey, 2 teaspoon of fresh lime juice and one teaspoon of ginger juice or brandy (which ever you like). This mixture is good homemade remedy for viral fever if consumed daily.  You have to take equal amount of dose four times a day.

Natural homemade remedy for viral fever would mostly consist of items that would increase the body resistance against the viral infection. Lime juice is a rich source of vitamin C that increases the resistance and minimizes the toxicity and reduces the possibility of illness. Taking honey would rapidly suck infections and instant energy would be gained.

Another very important and useful home remedy for viral fever is basil. The extract of tulsi is mixed with honey and ginger and this mixture is useful against cold, cough and fever.

Herbal remedy of viral fever would be including addition of black pepper in the tea in evening time or morning time.

Another small but very important home remedy for viral fever would be having warm orange juice if you are having fever. It would provide you energy that would be drained from your body due to fever.

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