Dry Eyes

Remedy for Dry Eyes

The easiest and most available natural remedy for dry eyes is to use a warm compress. It is best to use a clean towel and then soak it in warm water.  When you lay down, place this warm compress on the eyes. You can do this two or three times a day.

Don’t forget to turn off any artificial cooling or heating devices. They will reduce the natural moisture in your eyes as well as the mucus.

Blinking your eyes frequently is one of the most effective dry eye remedies. When you do that, the eyes can produce tears that will spread evenly in the eyes.

Splash some water in the eyes at constant intervals wherever you are. Your eyes will receive some moisture from the water. This is a good home remedy for dry eyes.

You may also buy artificial tears—this is a product that is available at most over-the-drugstores. Apply these before sleep at night. Ensure that these artificial tears are preservative-free.

Concerning diet, don’t forget to increase your consumption of fish as they contain fish oils that help your dry eyes. Avoid white bread, processed foods, or margarine and refined cereals. The intake and use of vegetable oils should be limited in your daily cooking.

Soaked Tamarind seeds that have been in warm water for some time can be used. The extract from the seeds can be taken and used to help cure dry eyes.

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