Cracked Nipples

Home remedies for Cracked Nipples

An application of cool compress onto the cracked nipples helps curing it. In fact, this is one of the effective home remedies for cracked nipples . Simply dab the affected area with cool compress two to three times a day for about a week. This heals it naturally.

Do not discontinue feeding the baby. Nipples exposed to the air may worsen the condition. In fact, the saliva of the infant is likely to contain natural antiseptic properties and hence it helps healing cracked nipples.

Olive oil contains medicinal value and hence can be considered as one of the reliable home remedies for cracked nipples. Simply apply olive oil with bare hand onto the affected area two to three times a day for several days and it heals naturally.

Avoid washing nipples using chemical based soaps or lotions. Instead, prefer herbal lotion or soap (preferably with Aloe or Neem extract) that fastens the healing process.

Calendula lotion or cream may give good results in treating the cracked nipples . Right after feeding the infant, apply this onto the affected area. This serves as one of the trusted home remedies for cracked nipples. You should not forget it washing before feeding the baby again.

Ghee is natural skin healer and hence can be used as one of the effective home remedies for cracked nipples. This remedy is probably the simplest, safest and easier. Just apply pure ghee (preferably cow’s ghee) onto the affected area i.e. cracked nipples and keep it for over half an hour. Ghee is also good for babies and hence, even if you forget washing the nipples a little amount of it is permissible for infants.

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