Hives (Urticaria)

Natural remedies for Hives (Urticaria)

Calamine lotion is one of the natural remedies for hives (Urticaria) when it is applied to the area that is affected. Calamine lotion provides some relief from constant itching.
There is some relief when magnesia milk is applied on the lesions. The magnesia milk has alcalescent solution that helps in the removal of the itchy sensation that is very irritating.Warm water that is filled halfway  to a  container  then mixed with  half cup of  cornstarch and  half a cup of  baking soda is  among the natural remedies  for hives (Urticaria)  that stop itching.  It makes a big difference when one soaks in the solution   at least one time each day.

Application of gel that is obtained from aloe Vera or oil that contains vitamin E to the area that is affected for at least two times in a day provides some relief.

Nettle tea is also one of the effective natural remedies for hives (Urticaria).  The nettle tea is prepared by mixing two teaspoons of powder nettles with hot water.  Natural honey or a lemon that is freshly squeezed can be added to make it tastier but this is optional.

Cayenne pepper is among the natural remedies for hives (Urticaria). It reduces swelling and speeds up the process of healing. The pepper that is in natural form is more effective than the one which is in form of capsule.

Green tea is among natural remedies for hives (Urticaria) that contain natural antioxidants and   has anti-inflammatory properties.

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