Gall Bladder Stone

Gall Bladder Stone

Many Americans who have this problem often prefer to go to surgery and remove the gallbladder, which is an internal organ. Apart from being expensive, side effects that come with the operation include: diarrhea that lasts for two years and possibility of getting colon & bowel cancer. It is therefore important to go for simple yet effective remedies for gall bladder stone. The main composition of the gallstones is cholesterol and you can cleanse them with these two simple but effective remedies.

Gall Bladder and Liver Cleansing– The liver’s job is removing impurities, chemicals and other toxins from your body. It is therefore very important to cleanse your liver every year. This helps your body to eliminate the toxins and rejuvenates it thus enhancing its performance. This is one of the homemade gall bladder stones remedies that work surprisingly very fast. It incorporates the use of natural ingredients like olive oil (extra virgin), lemons & grapefruit and the gall bladders stones pass within a day.

Clean Food Cleansing– This is one of the cheaper homemade gall bladder stones remedies and accessible to most. The cleansing works when you eat fresh vegetables and fruits while in their natural condition. Avoid prepared, processed & packaged foods and go for the organic ones. This method usually takes three to four days for the gall stones to pass.

Studies show that women (especially pregnant) are more prone to gall stones than men. This is because of the increased hormonal activities. Excess fat and age are also other factors. However, it is best to try these homemade gall bladder stones remedies should you get diagnosed before opting for surgery.

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