Abdominal Pain

Home remedies for abdominal pain depend upon the causes. If the cause is indigestion, the home remedy for abdominal cramps includes taking a ginger juice. For this, take a small piece of ginger and peel it. Extract the juice from this in a quantity of one teaspoon. Add a pinch of black pepper to it and drink it. You can have a glassful of water then. Ginger has natural qualities to correct the indigestion.

One of the best home remedies for abdominal pain is performing certain yogasanas. Nevertheless, these yogasanas are not recommended to pregnant women or a person with any past surgeries of abdomen. Pavanamuktasana, bhujangasana, simhasana etc. are considered to be good to relieve the abdominal pain. Regular practice of these asanas will help you in digestion and keep abdominal pain at bay.

Cumin seeds and rock salt serve as natural abdominal cramp reliever and hence can be considered as one of the effective home remedies for abdominal pain . It also helps in alleviating stomach ache and lower abdominal pain too. Grind a few cumin seeds to make a fine powder measuring one teaspoon. Add a pinch of rock salt to this and it turns best home remedy for abdominal pain, especially due to poor digestion. Cumin seeds and rock salt contain natural digestive enzymes that regulate the bowel movements.

Lemon juice, rock salt and ginger are natural abdominal pain reliever. You can make an effective soda by adding these ingredients. You can take lemon juice, ginger juice and a bit of rock salt and add them into a plain soda. This bubbly drink serves as one of the quick home remedies for abdominal pain .