Oral Thrush

Home Remedies for Oral Thrush

Keeping the blood sugar level under control is the best and the most effective medicine for Oral Thrush. Many types of gel and tubes are available in the market to cure it and you can take its help to get temporary relief.

The best home remedy to cure Oral Thrush is get yourself a medicated mouthwash and add some water in it. Gargle with it for few minutes and follow it daily. Slowly the Oral Thrush would start going away. Also follow this procedure specially after taking your meals. Whenever you feel any pain or discomfort in that region drink cold water this would provide you with much required relief.

A kitchen remedy to solve the problem of Oral Thrush is mix ½ spoon of salt with warm water and gargle with it. This can help you in sore throat as well. Follow it 2 times a day one in morning and one afternoon. Slowly the Oral Thrush would fade away. After gargling spit the water and gargle once again with plain water. This would help you a lot against pain of Oral Thrush.

Control eating excessive sweet food.  Eating too much of sweets leads to Oral Thrush. In place of it eat food containing high level of fibers.

Another kitchen remedy against Oral Thrush os have 2-3 cloves of onions in your diet. It would act as antioxidant and would help in discontinuing the spread of yeast which causes Oral Thrush.

Boost up your immune system and have more intake of vitamin C.

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