Allergy could be defined as a harsh response to any substance which is not harmful. There are a couple of substances which can give rise to allergy in an individual; these substances are called as allergens. Pollen, feathers, chemicals, animal hackles, mites, dust and a number of foods are common allergens.

Some of the allergens are known for causing respiratory problems whereas others can lead to stomach ache, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, headache and fever. The respiratory allergies could be both seasonal (in case the source is a food item) or chronic. Allergies home remedies are helpful in diagnosing, reducing and treating the symptoms of allergies.

Potent Allergies Home remedies

  • One of the good home remedies for allergies involves using the tea of chamomile as a natural anti histamine. The drink is very popular worldwide. Drinking a cup or two of this tea sugared with pure honey everyday can increase the immunity of the body towards allergens. However, chamomile tea should not be consumed if the individual is ragweed allergic.
  • One of the effective home remedies for allergies includes using garlic, which is a natural producer of immunity in the body against several types of allergens. Garlic is also known as a decongestant agent therefore, it is an important ingredient in all cold and cough medicines. Fresh garlic is always better than it’s crushed or paste form. In case, a person suffers from acidity, garlic intake should be avoided.
  • Pure and plain form of honey is one of the good home remedies. It will not only fight against allergens but also builds immunity against different types of pollens. It should be kept in mind that if honey is cooked, its beneficial properties are gone.
  • The tea made of peppermint is one of the effective home remedies for allergies as it helps in relieving any congestion from the respiratory tract and the nose. In summer season, peppermint tea is quite refreshing and prevents sinus problems and cough.

Some also prefer below mentioned homemade remedies for allergies

  • Allergy home remedies also involve the use of ginger as it covers all the allergy causing factors. Ginger not only makes the body immune against allergens but also prevents histamine from over secreting, which can be troublesome for the allergic patient.
  • One of the effective home remedies for allergies include consuming black tea or green tea to prevent the over secretion of histamine the natural way. It is good to have tea with few drops of honey added. Black tea is although a good cure for allergies but it cannot replace green tea in benefits.
  • Congestion can be treated with thyme. The tea can be used to cure problems of sinus, cough and stuffed nose. The tea can be prepared by adding a teaspoon of dried form of herb in a glass of water. It should be noted that the tea should not be consumed more than one time a day.
  • Vitamin E is well known for its property of being anti allergic. If a capsule of four hundred milligrams of vitamin E is consumed daily for at least three to four weeks, allergy can be prevented.
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